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 my best friend from my childhood is 5 months pregnant with a little girl. what happened to the time?

I still feel too young to tie my own shoes.

The Oscars ruled this year, WTF?

 The Judd Apatow sketch with Rogen and Franco was seriously perfection. The two of them laughing at The Reader and Doubt and omg Franco's face during the Milk kissing scene. I was literally crying.

Franco, get inside of me, RIGHT NOW. I can't believe he went to our school last year and I bought coffee behind him. I can still smell him you guys, his beautiful musk. 





Sociology: A joke.
Social anthro: Mostly theory, but pretty easy save for the fact that I have a 10 am discussion on a Friday morning and I have been hungover for it every single time, just sitting there in the same dress I wore out the night before and my eyes glued shut clutching a vitamin water praying for death.
Urban Planning 120: An absolute mess idk. It's a bunch of guest lecturers and is really horridly organized and we have a project due? Like soon? Huge what the fuck, hopefully she grades easily. 

Last Thursday: Had plans to make up hours at work and go to the gym, but then George called and said that he wanted to watch the bball game together and he tempted me with vodka, so I cut my work hours short, went and bought like 18 bags of cheetos and doritos, went to the gym, came back and drank with Georgie even though we lost the game. We were pretty much in the bag by 8 and were skyping with Victor who's in Spain for the year! Then I went to go meet up with Hannah at ZBT but by the time I got there they were leaving for some other frat that had a bunch of d-bags out front yelling "its full!" or some shit so I was like CYA and me and my friend Andrew went to a dance party at Christie's.  Not really sure what transpired there besides sitting outside on the couch and having some girl compliment me repeatedly about everything about myself and my outfit.  And I'm pretty sure I put some NSYNC song on at one point and then bounced.

Friday: Class in the morning, brunch at PiPhi with Hanny and then worked the rest of the afternoon.  Friday night we went to USC to party at gem's house! It was really great, they had a DJ and everything. Met up/made up with some old friends (lolol) and drank and danced.  The power went out at one point and people were exiting in droves and I was standing at the front of the door with my phone as a flashlight pretending to be a flight attendant-'ladies and gentlemen please exit to the front and don't panic." I also kept insisting Justine give us the "secret alcohol" stash so she poured like 6 shots of prestige in my drink and the next thing I knew we were back in Westwood and I was eating a mexican pizza at Taco Bell. Ran into George and Shane when as their cab pulled up to our building and George was trying to eat some of my mexican pizza and Shane told me later than I was running away from him with the pizza over my head screaming "YOU SHANT! YOU SHANT!"

Saturday: Had the most cliche ~single ladies~ Valentine's Day ever and saw Confessions of a Shopaholic with Hannah and her friend Betsy and then spent the evening in West Hollywood with a bunch of gay guys. Cool. We took the bus there and prepartied at this guy's place and then decided to go to bars. I first stopped to get a piece of pizza, and everyone was like Kristen we can get pizza later but there was no stopping me. I walked into the pizza place (the infamous place where I met Hung and Marcel from Top Chef) and pointed to a piece of pizza and told the guy "gimme the one with all the olives and shit on it" and they all just laughed.  Next we went to the Abbey where if you shredded a picture of your ex boyfriend you got a free shot, so I shredded a picture of George that I found on his fridge before we left and was really into it shouting like "BURN BITCH DIE!!" and George was like settle down what are you talking about. George almost got kicked out for molesting a dancer, so we left and went to Trunks where we got free shit all night because the bartender wanted to fuck my friend Sarah and let me tell you, I had no problem exploiting her to the fullest. 2am rolls around and my brain goes from drunk mode to TACO MODE and all I can think about is going across the street and getting tacos so George and I leave everyone behind and get tacos and take a cab home. On the way home a cop pulled up next to our cab driver and said something to him, and then asked me if I was alright in the back. I think I said something like "MOOOOOOUHHHH HUHHHHHHH" and he was like okay crazy bitch. I then yelled something about "racist cops" but I think he'd already driven away.

Sunday: Brunch at Aroma with George and Ryan. Tried to do HW later in the afternoon but just ended up doing dishes and reading about plane crashes or something in CNN. I'm really fascinated with plane crashes, it's FUCKING DISTRACTING. Smoked later at George's and watched some old Big Brother episodes then came home and went to bed.

Nothing significant for the weekdays.

Current Obsessions:
Top Chef

My new shirt that I got avocado all over today

It says "legalize gay repeal prop 8 now"


ETA: RIP Mickey Rourke's Dog "Loki"

Omg I don't know why this is making me so sad right now. Poor Loki, RIP! 



 I'm currently in the process of re-doing this journal (ie locking up entries from when I was 15 so no one can ever read them ever again) and then making this thing quasi-public. I just need a place to recount my days/weekends since I can't remember what I ate for breakfast this morning, and ~*~blogging~*~ is also way less annoying than making facebook notes about political shit or ranting or what have you. 

I honestly don't even remember who reads lj daily and I know that I have people added on here from all over so say hello and yay I'm excited to be back in lj land!

Up to speed:
1: 3rd year at UCLA
2: Anthro major
3: Stunning beauty
4: Girl

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God get me out of here I'm going insane. I cannot eat one more fucking meal in the dining hall, I can't deal with all the losers sitting in the lounges at 11:30 on a friday night studying so they can set the curve on their calc 32 test, I can't take one more trip to Bruin Cafe for a fucking chia tea latte that tastes like ass, and now I'm getting sick.

I can't wait for my car, to make money, to go to the beach, to have my own bathroom etc. Everytime I see someone with a Uhaul pulling away from the front of my building I want to jump inside and have them take me awayyy!

I mean uhhh college is great!